Degrees of Success

Degrees of Success

For the adult learner pursuing a college degree, success isn't always easy. Career and family responsibilities compete with study time. Memories of past attempts at college may shake confidence. The last time a math book was cracked open may have been 30 years ago. Even a math wiz forgets a lot over a decade or two.

That's why Excelsior provides tools to help our students succeed. Some of those tools are extremely innovative. For example, our Online Writing Lab continues to win awards and accolades.  To strengthen these resources, we're pulling them together into a Student Success Center. Here resources will not only be centralized to help adult learners transition to a college-level program, but will include coaching services to help students meet academic and non-academic challenges as they pursue their degrees. The Center is so important to the success of our students that it's a part of Excelsior's Strategic Plan!  We know what this will entail; now we need the resources to bring it together.

Excelsior's alumni can make these services possible.

Your gift to the Excelsior College Annual Campaign can help defray the costs. The College's Annual Campaign is one of Excelsior's few sources of unrestricted dollars, and it is vital to ongoing creativity and responsiveness when it comes to meeting students' needs. Gifts of all sizes are welcome. Your participation matters, too.

We hope you will consider joining your fellow alumni in helping Excelsior's students achieve the same dream you did.




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