Excelsior ReView

Excelsior ReView is a semi-annual online publication focused on the creative and artistic talents of our world-wide community: alumni, students, instructors, staff, and course and exam takers.

We are interested in works that experiment with form, narrative, and nonconventional subject matter, as well as traditional literary and art subjects.

  • Art - including three dimensional and functional
  • Fiction
  • Music
  • Nonfiction of general interest (non-academic)
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Video

Excelsior ReView is published semi-annually  by a staff of dedicated Excelsior College volunteers. It is available as an online magazine or in portable document format (PDF).

We are now accepting new material for our next issue till April 14.

Please read our guidelines:

Materials will not be considered if guidelines are not followed. Please read carefully.

General Information

No payment is made for accepted material.

One submisison per email.

Submissions are accepted year round. If you reprint the piece, we require that you cite our publication as the original publisher. We accept simultaneous submissions to other publications, but if your work is published before Excelsior ReView, please notify us at review@excelsior.edu immediately.

By submitting, you attest that your submission is your own, original work and agree to hold harmless Excelsior College from any claims of copyright infringement by third parties. We acquire the right to archive your work online, and the right to publish your work in an (electronic or print) anthology. All other rights revert to the author.

Controversial, political, obscene or other potentially offensive material will not be considered.

Submissions may not be modified by author after entry unless advised to do so by Excelsior ReView. We reserve the right to edit manuscripts and resize images as needed. Our primary desire always is to maintain the author's original content, voice, and style.

Please note: Work published in Excelsior ReView can be downloaded. 


Submission Requirements

Please read Acceptable Formats below for the proper format for submitting material.

Your full name and email address should appear both in the body of the email message and on the first page of the submission (except for photography and art).

Include appropriate  information regarding the submission such as location, back story, etc.

Please indicate in the subject line of the email the submission category.

  • Art (Please include in email message, dimensions and media)
  • Essays (2,500 words)
  • Music  (Please include in email message: length -- no longer than 4 minutes and link to composition)
  • Nonfiction of general interest and not academic oriented (2,500 words)
  • Photography (please include in email message: camera type, f stop, exposure, lens, and ISO)
  • Poetry (Separate each poem in a file)
  • Short Story (2,500 words)
  • Video (Please include in email message: length)

Please state your affiliation with Excelsior College in your email. Material will not be considered if this is not included.

If your work has been published or shown before, please indicate the name of the publication or show and that you have permission to reproduce it.

We will make no attempts to contact you via phone or regular mail; use an email address that will remain active.

Submit your entry to review@excelsior.edu

Acceptable Formats

Electronic format only in DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, or JPG format.

Art, including Three Dimensional and Functional

  • Minimum of 200 - 300 dpi.
  • 900 pixels maximum on the largest side.
  • 1 -2 submissions per issue.  (One submission per email).
  • Include:
    • Title.
    • Description.
    • Dimensions of the original work.
    • Medium or composition.
  • Please label each entry: LastNameTitle.jpg.


  • No longer than 4.5 minutes.
  • 1-2 submissions per issue.  (One submission per email).


  • Minimum of 200  - 300 ppi.
  • 1-2 submissions per issue.  (One submission per email).
  • 900 pixels maximum on the largest side.
  • Diptychs (2 images pasted side by side) or triptychs (3 images pasted side to side) are individual submissions.
  • Include:
    • Title.
    • Description of the image.
    • Technical information: post processing techniques, color/grayscale, etc..
    • Where and when the image was taken, etc..
  • Dimensions of the original work.
  • Excelsior ReView may alter the size of photograph.
  • Please label each entry: LastNameTitle.jpg.
  • No time stamps.


  • All poetry types.
  • 1-3 submissions per issue. (One submission per email).
  • Maximum of one page (8.5 X 11) per poem.

Stand Alone Short Story/Essay

  • Maximum of 2,500 words.
  • 1-2 submissions per issue.  (One submission per email).
  • Single spaced.
  • No term papers.


  • 1-2 submissions per issue.  (One submission per email).
  • Two copies encoded for the Web.
    • FLV file for placement on our Flash Streaming server with the following specifications:
      • Compressed using the On2VP6 codec.
      • Bit rate of 384 Kbps stream.
      • Resolution of 320 × 240 or 320 × 225 (depending on aspect ratio).
    • One copy of the video in WMV format (minimum of 1 Mbps, maximum of 14).
  • No longer than 4.5 minutes.


Contact Us

If you have questions about Excelsior ReView, email us at review@excelsior.edu

Submit Material

Please read general information, requirements, and acceptable formats before you send your submission(s).