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Community Colleges and Academic Partners

Preferential tuition and fees are available for community college and academic partners. We offer a variety of payment plans to help budget costs of tuition, examinations, and fees.

In addition, Excelsior offers a wide range of resources:

  • Admissions counselors and academic advisors — Maximize academic success.
  • MyExcelsior Community — An online community where students can interact with other students and faculty.
  • Online writing and tutoring services — Prepare for exams and improve their writing skills.
  • MyExcelsior — Customize a variety of online services according to individual needs.
  • Excelsior College Library — Access to thousands of online books, articles and other tools through our partnership with the Sheridan Libraries of the Johns Hopkins University.

Why partner with Excelsior College?

Frequently Asked Questions

Community College Partners

Many students enroll in community colleges as a springboard toward a bachelor's degree. Articulation agreements with Excelsior College allow these graduates to maximize the use of earned community college credits toward their educational goal. Excelsior accepts up to 105 community college credits plus credits from other approved sources toward completion of our bachelor's degrees.

Excelsior College is excited to extend the same discounted rates students receive, to all employees of our community college partners.

Academic Partners

Students can transfer many of the college credits they may have already earned toward an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree.

Academic partnerships are leading the way toward affordable and accessible education.

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Discover how you can advance your career with the knowledge you already have.

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Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

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Two scholarships are available for Phi Theta Kappa students transferring to Excelsior College from a partner institution.